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Fomekong Tano
Computer Network Administration
The coursework is easy to comprehend with a focus on practical applications. I highly recommend PowerBache Education for Youths who seek guidance and mentorship on network management and troubleshooting. It is an excellent choice for career advancement.
Sobgui Laxon
Computer Maintenance
PowerBache Education is known for its rigorous academic programs and challenging curriculum which attracts students who are ambitious and driven to achieve academic excellence. If you are Hardworking, Dedicated and willing to put the neccessary effort to excel and secure your dream job, join us at PowerBache
Nana Gilles
Graphic and Web Design
I wish to pursue a career as Graphic Designer. so far, professional trainings are going on well and I feel very comfortable with the way lecturers are handling their courses. What I appreciate the most at Powerbache is the kindness of the administration. When you take a problem to them your problem shall be solved and they take their time to explain.
Branco Ngwane N
Graphic Design
I first heard of POWERBACHE when I was browsing on Facebook and what made me choose them over others is the high percentage they score during the National Exams.The instructors make the course easier to understand since they are all friendly. I highly recommend POWERBACHE because classes are organized in respect to the student’s personal time table. If you want to study at POWERBACHE you will need to be focused and hardworking. Enroll today
Yongoua Megane
Graphic Design
Graphic designing is a field of study which needs high concentration and practice so as to be more efficient and effective. Powerbache step out of the box among several professional school in Cameroon All is put in place for your professional IQ, computers, qualified lecturers, quiet and safe environment. «How can you not like powebache?»